Digital Show Production

Show acts via livestream

The future is digital. And with it come ever more diverse and innovative possibilities - especially in the show and event sector. Even if an event with a live audience cannot be replaced, there are still points of contact here and there where a virtual solution is far superior to the classic event.

At YOURSHOWACT you can book digital shows as a complete package: from the selection of suitable artists, location scouting including set-up to the organisation of the entire technology and moderation. We draw up schedules and filming plans and integrate your company into the programme if you wish. You get everything from a single source - tailored to your budget and your needs. Both individual "digital" show acts and a complete show programme as a live show or recording are possible.

Use a digital show e.g. for

- spectacular explanation of certain brand or product core messages at digital trade fairs or virtual conferences

- in the field of employee marketing, to provide variety in everyday office life

- to offer participants an exciting change of pace at very speech- and text-heavy events

- for digital corporate or product advertising to place attention-grabbing advertising messages.

In the following, you will learn about the possibilities for planning a digital show.

Documentation of a practical example

Artists and Presenter

Through our years of work in the show business, we have built up a large network of different artists. At YOURSHOWACT, you can choose from over 40 different show acts - and more and more are coming. Your advantage: Due to the large selection, different thematic focuses can be set for a digital show. A focus on action-packed or elegant classical show acts is just as possible as the adaptation to certain themes. For example, a Christmas show could be realised with suitable show acts, music and outfits.

Please feel free to get an overview of our show acts. Of course, these are only to be understood as a first suggestion - the final result will be exactly as you imagine it. If you wish, we can also offer you a wide range of other artists through our network.

Professional moderation is an elementary part of a complete show programme. The presenter guides you through the programme, connects individual show segments and encourages interaction, e.g. through interviews. We will find the perfect solution for your budget and the theme of the event.


A thematically suitable location gives the event its appropriate setting and underlines the intention. From the circus tent to the classic film studio or the event hall, we will find the location that best suits your objective. On request, we will also take care of suitable backdrops and organise the appropriate technology if this is not available at certain locations. Of course, we can also come to your company with the complete set-up.

Whatever your wishes are - we will bring them to reality.


Having the right technology for digital events is key. We work with professional video production and live streaming teams to provide you with the best possible quality. If you wish, we can also take care of all the technical components such as sound, lighting, transmission and much more.

Due to the various options we have for streaming and video production, we can respond individually to your needs. We are happy to include our streaming service provider in the initial briefings to find the optimal solution for you.

You can find a few possibilities below.

Livestream or Recording
Other possibilities

You can present a show to your audience either live or as a recording on-demand. A live stream has a special appeal and also offers a lot of interaction possibilities. By means of a recording, the show can be edited and you have greater influence on the content and an optimal image.

From the basic variant with one camera to more elaborate productions with still and running cameras, we cover all possibilities and find the right solution for your budget. The recordings are made in HD quality.

At a live event, you have various options to involve the audience in front of the terminals in the show. With the help of a chat or voting tool, the guests can directly influence the live event. Furthermore, live interviews, presentations or similar can also be integrated into the livestream.

Reach your audience in the easiest way possible - via YouTube, social media, by app or via a video conferencing tool. If you want, we can even create a complete website or landing page including a stream in your corporate design so that your customers or employees can easily participate in the event via a link and interact via chat, for example.

If you have a location without a suitable internet connection, we will provide a stable connection via mobile phone.

By means of belly bands and overlays, we make the show appear in your corporate design.

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