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Our LED Board Show takes sign spinning to a new level. It combines acrobatics with dance elements and music. The individually adjustable boards provide the perfect surface to present your brand and address your target group directly. The LEDs can be displayed in different colours and thus offer the possibility to present your advertising message in a variety of ways - an absolute eye-catcher that stands out especially in darker locations or in the evening. The maximum attention for your brand is guaranteed with this variant of Sign Spinning. We look forward to advising you on the possible applications of this show.

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For the LED Board Show a high ceiling height is required. The surface of the stage has to be even. Depending on the number of artists an adequate stage size is required.

Present your advertising message in the most spectacular and impressive light possible. Through individually developed shows, branded clothing, coordinated social media campaigns and a wide variety of other possibilities, we ensure that your company or product receives maximum attention.

The LED Boards can be programmed individually.

In addition to the equipment used by the LED Board Show artists and the location itself, we can also take care of all other aspects of the event upon request – be it matching outfits, the right music including a mobile music system, event lighting and whatever else may be required. Talk to us about how we can contribute to making your get-together an event to remember.


Sign Spinning, in a similar form also known as Sign Twisting or in the USA as human billboard, is an innovative form of guerilla marketing. The roots of this advertising category lie in the 19th century. In London the so-called “sandwich men” carried advertising posters to hang around the neck in order to avoid the use of increasingly expensive billboards. In the USA, workers later used the signs to draw attention to their products. From this, students finally developed an art form in which they began to do tricks with the boards to gain additional attention. Since then, sign spinning has spread all over the world and is becoming more and more spectacular and innovative. There are also world championships.

Nowadays, sign spinning can be integrated into a wide variety of events. Be it on the street, at festivals and sporting events or at trade fairs as part of product presentations. There are no limits to creativity. Above all, the high flexibility and impressive performance of our artists are absolute advantages over classical forms of advertising. In addition, the sign spinner can be integrated into various shows. In combination with other artists we create a unique presentation for your company, your products or your message.

With sign spinning you emphasize your brand in a new, acrobatic way. Especially the innovative LED boards are a real eye-catcher in dark locations and will amaze your target group. Use these show acts to provide your brand message to your target group in a spectacular way and to firmly embed it there.

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We are at home in the world of sports, we work in the world of sports – we live and love sports. This is our driving force and our passion, which we have been pursuing with enthusiasm for more than 15 years. And this dedication is palpable in all of our various service offerings. More than that, it becomes tangible for each and every one of our customers.

Through our wide range of different show acts and artists, we have developed a keen sense of which production best suits your brand, your products or your company. We look forward to advising you on your ideas so that we can offer an individual, customized production.

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