The whole spectrum – focused on your company’s message

FuZion – or in other words: The best possible combination of stagings to present your company, your products and your messages spectacularly.

With FuZion, our internationally experienced artists focus on using their skills on behalf of your company. The result is a breathtaking show that leaves spectators with a very clear message.

The show elements used are perfectly coordinated, and the athletes in the carefully synchronized show demonstrate extraordinary teamwork. This artist booking stands out thanks to its incredible variety: FuZion means many different artists, a range of different styles, all working together as one team! It's a FuZion of people and art!

Sign twisting:
Artists, dancers and athletes of the new sport and advertising technique called sign twisting. Built on the more conventional sign spinning, where the sign turner stands at road junctions and performs impressive tricks with arrow signs, sign twisting goes further in combining sport and service. It is very different from the American style due to its round boards and uses the choreography for an impressive advertising and event experience.

Football freestyle:
Football freestyle is the art of juggling the ball as spectacularly as possible. It relies primarily on outstanding ball control, creativity and coordination. The variety of different tricks seems boundless.
In recent years, this new trend sport has grown steadily thanks to worldwide networking on the Internet. More and more young people are attracted to a sport that embodies freedom, individuality and lifestyle in equal measure. Not least because of the high importance of rhythm and body feeling, freestyle football is now also very popular among girls.

Urban dance:
Hip Hop or Urban Dance is a relatively young culture and is therefore in a state of flux and constantly evolving. There are different styles and techniques that can be combined and mixed, e.g. tutting, waving, popping, gliding, locking... And conventional breakdancing can also be included.

Creative leeway
Advertising & Product integration

Your individual needs come first in every show. The number of artists can easily be varied, and FuZion can be extended almost without limit to include other freestyle disciplines such as BMX Freestyle or Basketball Freestyle. We will be happy to help you put together your own FuZion show.

Present your advertising message in the most spectacular and impressive light possible. Through individually developed shows, branded clothing, coordinated social media campaigns and a wide variety of other possibilities, we ensure that your company or product receives maximum attention.

The Sign Twisting boards can be printed individually, and the artists’ clothes are also available as advertising space.

Special feature: Your message can also be seen in the dark thanks to LED boards.

Besides the equipment used by the freestylers, dancers and sign twisters and the location itself, we can also take care of all other aspects of the event upon request – be it matching outfits, the right music including a mobile music system, event lighting and whatever else may be required. Talk to us about how we can contribute to making your get-together an event to remember.

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