Football Loves You All

Football in all its facets

"The game of soccer is the game of games, king of all games with style. Great power or just spectacle, the ball is home to many. In the stands with friends and beer, become champion is the annual goal. Never was there a game that pleased so many, but for some this madness is too much...".

These lines make it clear that this show is about much more than the finest soccer artistry. Poetry slam lyrics and artful visuals paired with the mix of artists and actors take the audience into the world of soccer, viewed from different angles. Soccer stars, the fans, the referees have their say, but also a look at the darker side of soccer is thought-provoking. It will be spectacular, funny, tragic, thought-provoking - just as you would want a soccer match to be!

Creative Leeway
Advertising & Product Integration

The required area for the show is optimally 7 x 4 m. With regard to the condition of the stage or the show area, it is important to ensure that it is a flat surface.

This show can be played in different lengths and sets. Book us as a short show act, accompanying show e.g. during a gala dinner or as a full-length show. We are happy to advise you here!

We are happy to provide everything from stage design to artificial turf to technical requirements, or we can customize the show to fit the location.

Become part of the show! We integrate your company, your club or your messages in the visualizations or texts. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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