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The fascination of fire - this element has always impressed mankind. With our fire show we transmit this fascination to your audience anew - a fiery mix of pyrotechnics, artistry and rousing fire effects. Especially in the dark our artists create a very special atmosphere. Whether indoor or outdoor - many things are possible. Different elements can be individually combined to create a show that is tailored to your concept. Would you prefer a finished show? No problem! Take advantage of already developed concepts and let us do the work for you. We will present you various shows of different lengths.

We are already on fire - and you?

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For a fire show there are various requirements which have to be fulfilled. Depending on whether the show is to take place indoors or outdoors and which fire elements are to be shown, there are very individual requirements. On request we will be happy to send you the Technical Rider who will give you an overview of the requirements.

Have your advertisement presented in the most spectacular and inspiring way. Via individually tailored shows, branded clothing, matching social media campaigning and a variety of additional possibilities we can assure that your company or product will reach out for the highest attraction. In addition, the fire show offers the special possibility to stage logos or text with fire. We would be pleased to show you examples of this.

In addition to the equipment of the artists and the location, we will of course also take care of all other aspects of the event if desired - be it the right outfit, the appropriate music including mobile music system, the lighting and so on. Let us advise you on how we can contribute to making your event an event.

The necessary safety equipment as well as the know-how in pyrotechnics is provided by the artists.

Shows that include the element fire have a long tradition. So it was mainly rituals and dances, which were practiced long ago, that laid the foundation for today's fire shows. So today there are still very original fire shows, but also ultra-modern acts, which e.g. integrate pyrotechnics into their concept. Often different props, such as hoops, torches or batons are also included. A special highlight is the popular fire spitting.

No matter what you need - we can offer you a variety of fire elements and effects which can be combined to an individual show. We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

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We are at home in the world of sports, we work in the world of sports – we live and love sports. This is our driving force and our passion, which we have been pursuing with enthusiasm for more than 17 years. And this dedication is palpable in all of our various service offerings. More than that, it becomes tangible for each and every one of our customers.

Through our wide range of different show acts and artists, we have developed a keen sense of which production best suits your brand, your products or your company. We look forward to advising you on your ideas so that we can offer an individual, customized production.

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