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The philosophy behind this trend sport, which originated in France, is to conquer barriers and go beyond borders: No obstacle is too big to overcome with impressive jumps and skillful moves! As efficiently as possible. Flow of movement and body control are in the foreground. There’s a good reason that parkour is also called the "art of efficient locomotion".

Similar to parkour, tricking is about spectacular moves - especially somersaults and twists. The moves come from martial arts and require strength, flexibility and body control. Tricking can be integrated very well into different performances to provide an additional highlight.

A practitioner of parkour is called a traceur, and these athletes provide an ideal demonstration of aspects like efficiency, speed, strength, endurance, precision and creativity. Let yourself be carried away into the world of parkour by the daring stunts and the incredible body control of our traceurs.

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We can gladly put together a show with several traceurs, or combine the act with alternative sporting disciplines. We would be happy to assist you in putting together your own sports show. There are no limits to creativity in parkour!

Present your advertising message in the most spectacular and impressive light possible. Through individually developed shows, branded clothing, coordinated social media campaigns and a wide variety of other possibilities, we ensure that your company or product receives maximum attention.

Besides the equipment used by the athletes as well as the location itself, we can of course also take care of all other aspects of the event – be it the right outfit, the appropriate music including a mobile music system, event lighting and whatever else may be required. Talk to us about how we can contribute to making your event an event.

If your stage does not offer enough obstacles and settings for an unusual show, we can gladly provide additional elements to stage the showact in keeping with your wishes and desires. Whether towers, boxes, high bar, parallel bars or other gymnastics equipment, we deliver them!

Parkour is one of the most popular trend sports. Started in France in the 80s, Parkour is becoming more and more popular. The spectacular stunts of the traceurs could be admired in many films and commercials. This led to an additional push for the sport.

Parkour combines power with elegance and absolute body control – the perfect mixture to present your brand message in a formative way.

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Through our wide range of different show acts and artists, we have developed a keen sense of which production best suits your brand, your products or your company. We look forward to advising you on your ideas so that we can offer an individual, customized production.

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