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Anyone who has ever seen Cheer- and Showdance knows how much work there is behind this sport. Performance-related and through a professional show, every audience is thrilled and entertained by us. Cheerleaders are always an eye-catcher, whether through the rousing dances, a charming look or the bright smile. They often come into the focus of photographers and cameras and thus have a high media presence, use this advantage for your event!

Our experienced cheerleaders offer you a breathtaking show with lots of power, acrobatics and rhythmic movements that guarantee a great atmosphere. Whether big events, celebrations of any kind, show dance performances, sports events, video shoots, fairs or promotions - each appearance is customized according to your wishes.

We will gladly advise you and help you with the perfect compilation and implementation of the show program. Let yourself be fascinated and make your event an unforgettable experience! We promise!

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Each booking is adapted to the individual needs and ideas of the organizer. The number of cheerleaders may vary. The size of the stage depends on the number of groups. An additional high ceiling height for the desired lifts would be an advantage. The stage or show area should have a flat, firm surface.

We put your advertising in the limelight. We are happy to help you address the right target group. With years of experience in marketing and social media, we ensure that your company or product receives the maximum attention.

In addition to the location, we also take care of all other aspects of the event - be it the appropriate outfit, the appropriate music including mobile music system, lighting, and so on. Let us advise you how we can contribute to turn your event into an event.

Cheerleading is far more than waving pompons. This sport has its origin in the USA. In the beginning men supported football teams with their cheers. Later on women started cheerleading. The first professional cheerleaders started in the 1950s and soon there were many active cheerleaders in different countries. Nowadays there are different championships and cheerleaders perform at various events and sports.

Our cheerleaders combine breathtaking acrobatics with expressive dance. They transport an enthusiasm, which is an absolute plus at every event.

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We are at home in the world of sports, we work in the world of sports – we live and love sports. This is our driving force and our passion, which we have been pursuing with enthusiasm for more than 15 years. And this dedication is palpable in all of our various service offerings. More than that, it becomes tangible for each and every one of our customers.

Through our wide range of different show acts and artists, we have developed a keen sense of which production best suits your brand, your products or your company. We look forward to advising you on your ideas so that we can offer an individual, customized production.

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