BMX meets Tricking

Fast turns on the bike & in the air!

This show is a highlight for fans of true acrobatics! Action and energy concentrated in the smallest of spaces with somersaults, screws and fast turns. In this choreography, every move has to be precise and right on time. The actors, who are among the best in the world in their discipline, will give their all – and your audience will be thrilled!

Advertising & Product integration

The required area for the BMX meets Tricking show act is 6m x 6m x 3m (L / W / H). Please note that the stage and/or show area must be an even surface and cannot be carpeted.

Take advantage of this excellent opportunity to stage your advertising message spectacularly and attract attention to your company or product. We bring your core messages to the desired target group with individually developed shows, branded clothing, accompanying social media activities and much more. Please ask us about our complete repertoire of activities and measures.

In addition to equipping the BMX riders and stunt drivers and the location itself, we can also take care of all other aspects of the event upon request – be it matching outfits, the right music including a mobile music system, event lighting and whatever else may be required. Talk to us about how we can contribute to making your get-together an event to remember.

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